Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts on Style Blogging

 photo 7d78c38c-7c96-49c2-b74b-ba375a2c4590_zpsa7a8e3a4.jpg Lately I've been missing outfit posts. When I changed my blog name, I decided I wanted to have a larger focus on food and I wanted every post to be a hybrid food photography, recipe, and outfit post. It's tough, my house is pretty small, the windows give some great light when Florida feels like being sunny (in the summer that's never!), and I don't always feel like posing after cooking some delicious looking/smelling food. I just want to eat! Props to full time food bloggers, they've got a tough job. Sometimes I'll whip something up for dinner and it'll be incredible and then I'll be so bummed out that I didn't write a thing down. Food blogging takes practice and patience.
 photo 29928c37-0409-4388-bd0d-fd606800860b_zpseb1a2cbf.jpg Then there was the issue of "depth". I felt for a while that my outfit posts might be shallow or vain. Shouldn't I be blogging about something more important? Does anyone really care where I got this dress and how I styled it? Am I promoting consumerism culture? Then I remembered first discovering personal style blogs. I remember feeling inspired. I discovered thrifting. My own personal style started to expand and evolve. Personal style is what enamored me with blogging, and it still does. I love sharing my style and food. I cherish the connections and friendships. I'm going to continue to do what feels right in my blogging and what makes me happy. And there's nothing shallow about that.
 photo df3cd6c9-48da-4b87-880e-c0f46d6d47c9_zps0089064e.jpg

 photo Ribbetcollage_zps746e444f.jpg

 photo IMG_1682_zps178bd380.jpg

 photo IMG_1688_zpsab0a5f08.jpg Everything but my bag was thrifted. Bag was from Express a few years ago. 

Has anyone else had similar thoughts in the blogging realm?

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  1. i think i am where you were when you first found personal style blogs! i've been inspired and getting so many ideas :)

    1. I still love browsing through so many style blogs and sites like Chictopia. I'm continually inspired! Looking forward to seeing your ideas ;)

  2. I don't think outfit posts are vain at all. If people do, oh well. I haven't done one on my blog in ages, just because I never dress up. I am either working or riding my bike. I think you have a great style and I love seeing your outfits. I think your blog title is perfect for vegan food and outfit posts. I think you nailed it! It's a good balance and you can share EVERYTHING that you love.


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